Fulfillment By Amazon: How Does Amazon FBA Work?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is one of two core fulfillment options offered to Amazon sellers. The other is called Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)—a system by which the seller (you) takes care of packing and shipping orders directly to customers. 

FBM sellers essentially use Amazon as a place to reach consumers and generate demand. You can also look for the best amazon prep in Canada via https://shiphype.com/amazon-prep/.

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Here’s how it works:

FBA Step 1. Send your products to an Amazon fulfillment center

It goes without saying that the products you’re sending to Amazon should already be listed in your Seller account. You’ll need to label all your products, which you can do independently or through Amazon’s FBA Label Service. Then, you ship your inventory either through Amazon or with a carrier of your choice.

FBA Step 2. Amazon takes care of storage

When your inventory gets to the warehouse, Amazon scans the labels you attached, weights and measures each package, and stores everything accordingly.

You’ll use online inventory tracking to stay on top of your stock. It’s up to you to ship more inventory to the warehouse when necessary.

FBA Step 3. Somebody orders your product on Amazon

Amazon takes care of picking the product from inventory, packing it for shipping, and sending it to the customer. Plus, after the order has been placed, Amazon takes responsibility for customer service.