End Excessive Sweating With Hyperhidrosis Treatment

If you want to stop excessive sweating, you have several treatments for hyperhidrosis. But how do we know which is the best one?

Types Of Hyperhidrosis

There are several types, such as palmar (sweaty hands), plantar (sweaty feet), face (sweaty face), armpits (sweaty armpits), and generalized hyperhidrosis. You can also go to this website to know more about hyperhidrosis treatment.

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Iontophoresis can be a good choice for treating palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis, but it is not only ineffective but also very painful for underarm sweating or general problems.

 Causes Of Hyperhidrosis

There are many possible causes of hyperhidrosis. About 50% of cases are inherited – your genes. Ultimately, it's an imbalance in the regulatory mechanisms that control your sweat glands.

Even if you have hyperhidrosis for genetic reasons, it can still be treated. People who are overweight are also more likely to develop hyperhidrosis than other people.

Treatment Options

The simplest and most common form is a topical antiperspirant treatment that you simply apply over the areas you want to avoid sweating. Most of them are aluminum chloride-based.

Focal Botox injections are also becoming increasingly popular – botox mainly blocks nerve endings leading to sweat glands. However, this treatment is very expensive and needs to be renewed every few weeks.

Another common treatment is iontophoresis – a very weak electric current that flows through the affected area to reduce the activity of the sweat glands. This treatment is most commonly used for palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis.