Chauffeured Limousine Hire – Reserved Only For The Elite?

The words chauffeur and limo both come out of French roots. When you say the term limo most people consider the black stretch limo that's utilized to induce actors to a movie or awards night. This picture has helped build the standing of the high tech and exclusivity of limo usage. Agencies like Alpine Limousine provides the limousine service for different occasions and make you feel special.


The term chauffeur brings pictures of top-class society. A chauffeur is deemed to always be nicely dressed frequently in a uniform or suit with a driving cap or gloves. To have a chauffeur provides most people the belief that they have a slave who'll drive them everywhere they choose.

Chauffeured Limousine Hire - Reserved Only For The Elite?

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Many folks completely dismiss the frequent idea of an easy taxi. Here we've got a professional driver who's probably dressed in a business uniform or top and will, in reality, transfer their passengers anywhere they want.

The principal difference that places the greater class taxis aside from the normal service is the kind of vehicle used, and additionally the apparel of this motorist.

Pricing Requirements

A normal chauffeured car operator will quote each task with their own rates graph while taking under account the date and time of the excursion, anticipated traffic and so forth.

Because of this, you could realize that a cab is often more affordable for shorter excursions under 1 hour. However, on excursions for 1 hour or so, car operators might be cheaper if the same price for a cab. This does need some analysis on your conclusion, and prices may fluctuate greatly between individual hire car operators.