Best Gift You Can Give An Alzheimer’s Patient

Christmas, birthdays anniversary – every day which calls for a present of some sort. When it's a gift to someone suffering from Alzheimer's disease, how do you do? I was battling this issue for many years while trying to find the perfect present for my dad who was a victim of this terrible disease.

Make unique photo albums that include photographs from the past as well as new ones from their life, family, and friends. Include photos of their trips and special events. Include illustrations and photos from every decade of their lives. If you are looking for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Gift Ideas, you can search via online sources.

gifts for someone with Alzheimer's

Maybe you don't have anything from every decade, so here's a suggestion. Check out the federal and state government websites to find royalty-free pictures which you can download without cost. 

Make your own albums by scanning photographs that can trigger memories. Why not make use of the originals? Since you can easily repair damaged copies, you'll still have the original copies. Numerous photo shops and printers can scan your photos in the event that you're unable to do it yourself. After scanning, you can print them using your color printer or let a local photo printer print them for you.

Label every photo with large letters on inexpensive sticky labels that can be found at the local office supply retailer. The Alzheimer's patient may not be in a position to read these labels but the relative or sitter they'd like to share the album with surely will.