Amazonian Mushrooms: How They Should Be Picked?

There are many different types of Amazonian mushrooms, but all share some common characteristics. First and foremost, all Amazonian mushrooms must be cooked before consumption. Secondly, they should be picked when they are young and still firm. Thirdly, they should be washed before cooking to remove any dirt or debris. Finally, they should be cooked in a mildly acidic broth or sauce. The following mushrooms can be used to make a variety of dishes:

* Oysters: These are the most common Amazonian mushrooms found in the wild. The flesh should be well-cooked like other Amazonian mushrooms. Sometimes they are called shiitake and portobello because they look alike. To get more details about Amazonian mushrooms, you may check it here.

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* Shiitake: These mushrooms have a smooth cap and small points at the base of each node which makes them look like an oyster shell. They are excellent when cooked in a sauce as they have a very meaty taste. 

* Paleo: The flesh of these mushrooms is a very dark brown. They are great as a stir-fry or in soups. They also make an excellent snack when dipped in olive oil and then sprinkled with sea salt.

* Cayenne: These mushrooms have a soft cap which is often flat like a tabletop. In the states, they are called "Pink Foot" because of their color. 

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