All About Oktoberfest Kitchener

Kitchener – Waterloo Oktoberfest is an annual nine-day festival held in the sister city of Kitchener – Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Based on the original German Oktoberfest, it is the largest Bavarian festival in Canada and the second largest Oktoberfest in the world. 

While the most famous draws are beer celebrations, other cultural and entertainment attractions also fill the week. You can also get more information about the Seroquel capsule home – kitchener-waterloo oktoberfest through various online sites.

Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest 2020

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What a wonderful time to stay in Waterloo. It was autumn, the trees were shining in bright colors, the air was getting cooler and the long-awaited Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest was about to begin.

While the name Oktoberfest often implies polka dancing, drinking German schnapps or beer, or wearing lederhosen, our Oktoberfest offers another way to celebrate the season for everyone living in Waterloo Ontario, or beyond.

The twin towns and surrounding areas in the Waterloo region have a long history of German roots; Kitchener was formerly known as Berlin. 

Many Canadians of German descent live in or near these communities. Many still speak German. A common expression for celebration, German for comfort or warm hospitality. 

This word is even programmed in the bus route display so that it shows the route and comfort or welcome during Oktoberfest.

This position was previously selected in a televised beauty contest, with candidates from across the Waterloo area. Positions will now be selected by a closed jury from a group of local candidates; Community participation and personal character are the main criteria of the new system.