About us

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“Gente de la Safor” is the oldest periodic publication of Gandia and region, since the magazine was founded on December 7, 1985 and has since maintained its weekly meeting with readers.

So far it has evolved both in content and in its presentation. A modern design, with an exhaustive treatment of the topics discussed, ranging from local politics, society, economy and culture, has allowed us to expand not only the number of pages but also fully incorporate color as a way to make it more attractive Your reading

Finally, the informative approach – from the most absolute economic independence – has led us to be a reference in the competitive world of regional information.

For those of us who form the “staff” of “People of the Safor”, to incorporate again, with the redesign of our website, digital information to the paper format, constitutes a new step in the service to the readers.

Of course, maintaining the principle, not the slogan, that “in local information, people have the last word.”