A Brief Overview of Electric Hoist

Hoists are a great technical miracle which is a valuable piece of material handling equipment available today. They are a powerful tool and significantly contribute in streamlining your construction project. 

Hoist is basically a device that is used to lift or lower the load using a drum or lift wheel around where the rope or chain wraps. The weight is attached to the hoist by lifting the hook. 

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It is available in models that are manually operated and driven electrically or pneumatically, and can use chains, fibres or wire ropes as a lifting medium. Various types of hoists that find their applications in various industrial scenarios and techniques are given as follows:

Electric Hoist: This hoist is very efficient in loading and lifting heavy equipment. Electric hoists are basically a mechanical tool that uses pulley systems, sturdy chains and electricity to complete various loading tasks easily.

Harrington Hoist: This is a very powerful device used to load and lift large items. It provides great assistance in moving heavy objects that are not possible to move manually in a short time.

Compressed air chain hoists: This extraordinary hoist is powered by compressed air feed, and does not require a constant electric power supply for its smooth and free operation.