4 Reasons To Use A Swimming Pool Cover

  1. Keep Water Loss to a Minimum

An uncovered swimming pool will consistently, albeit slowly, evaporate water, even in the middle of winter! Your swimming pool needs to maintain a minimum amount of water to properly function, so if it’s losing water through evaporation, you’ll need to pop the hose in and regularly top it up. A well-fitted pool cover can reduce water loss due to evaporation.

  1. Retain Your Pool’s Heat

Good quality swimming pool enclosures, regardless of whether your swimming pool is heated or not, will maintain the water temperature when not in use. The best quality pool covers can even warm an unheated fiberglass swimming pool by 8C! 

For heated pools, a pool cover is essential to avoid the water temperature dropping overnight. A pool cover will also ensure you enjoy lower running costs thanks to shorter heating times.

  1. Reduce Your Chemical Usage

The chlorine used in swimming pools, which keeps the water clean and fresh, degrades when exposed to UV light. Covering your swimming pool when not in use will prolong the life of chemical treatments. 

You’ll also spend less time testing the water, adding chemicals, and adjusting PH levels. If you want to save money and spend less time maintaining your pool, you must install a pool cover.

  1. Keep the Pool Free from Debris And Save Time On Maintenance

Leaves, twigs, and other garden debris are a nightmare for pool owners. Debris not only looks untidy, but it can also degrade the internal surface of your pool. Installing a pool cover will prevent leaves and sticks from falling to the bottom and creating algae. 

Even the most basic pool cover will protect your pool from general organic matter and ensure it sparkles whenever the cover is off, and your pool is on show.